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Prometheus Wow

Prometheus wow was created to guarantee everyone the best Blizzlike experience of the most popular expansion of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. We do our best to always ensure that the server works properly.

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How to Play

To start playing on Prometheus wow, register on the site, activate your account, download the client directly from the “Download” section of the site and open the wow.exe or wow 64.exe program, the client is already equipped with realmlist, custom patch and main addons.

You can still use any other client as long as the version is correct (3.3.5a build 12340 Wrath of the Lich King) by modifying the realmlist that you find in the main folder of the game for example: C: WorldOfWarcraftDataenUSrealmlist.wtf taking care to open it with any file of text such as Notepad, delete all its contents and add “Set Realmlist www.prometheuswow.com” without quotes

Once you have opened the Wow.exe or Wow 64.exe file (depending on the architecture of your PC) just use the ACCOUNT NAME created during registration and use Password1 as PASSWORD, you can change it later in game.


Prometheus Wow

The Prometheus server offers 3 realms of wrath of the lich king,
each with unique features specifically designed to meet the needs of each user

Fix level 98%

Prometheus is the main realm, the first that was created and is full of new features, custom scripts and additional content that are always different, which allows players not to stop at what the expansion offers, but to explore new content and stories.

  • Loot, Gold: 3x
  • Arena, Rep: 1x
  • Honor, Rest: 2x
  • XP: 5x (Doubled in Weekend)
  • Crossfaction, Custom Content
  • Transmog, Reforge, Guild House
        1 Players Online


Morpheus it is the blizzlike realm par excellence, created specifically to give players the same experience as the official server: no additional content, no possibility of power-ups or increased rates, simply naked and raw WOTLK.

  • All rates: 1x
  • Blizzlike
  • Progress
        0 Players Online


Ephesto is the ideal realm for those who want to jump into the action right away, without wasting time leveling up: the character created will already be level 80 and the initial zones will be full of PVP gear that can be purchased for free, exactly as it worked on the renowned arena -tournaments.

  • All Rates: 1x
  • Instant 80
  • Pvp Oriented
        0 Players Online


Prometheus Wow

The clients you download from here are ready to play and with the Prometheus realmlist, all you have to do is download them, unzip the file in a folder (preferably C: /) and open the wow.exe file using your username and password that you used to register on the site.

Mac Clients may not be compatible with too recent versions of MacOS and need the windows client because the APP file will be applied inside the windows client folder itself.

All addons have been tested with our clients and are 100% compatible, the download contains a large collection of the most famous, but you are free to add the ones you prefer, just unzip the folder and copy it into the wow / client folder Interface / AddOns /

Patches for custom content or HD textures ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with other patches and to install them just copy them to the wow / Data / client folder


Prometheus Wow

With the Prometheus Wow donation system you can earn “Prometheus Wow Credits
to spend in game for bonuses, mounts, pets, difficult or impossible to obtain items, custom items, transmog and much more!

After verification of the donation, the credits will be sent to your account section.
You can later send the credits to one of your characters.
They are “Binds to Account” so you can use them as you please
by moving them between the various characters existing in your account.

Once the credits have been transferred to one of your characters, you will find them in game in mail.

Consequently you can spend your credits directly from the various “Donation Vendors
that you will find in your guild house, in various capitals or in other major cities.
These vendors are all close together and are divided into categories: Mount, Pet, Weapon, Set, Bonus.

By donating you help the server grow and improve, you do your part too!

You would like to buy the item of your dreams or complete a set and you are still missing a piece of gear,
but is not found by vendors? Don’t worry: open a ticket and write us which item you would like added.

For any problem you encounter in the payment or the receipt of credits, do not hesitate to open a ticket in game.
Note that credits cannot be sold or exchanged with other players, refounds of any kind are not accepted.
We reserve the right to change the purchase value of the credits at any time without notice.

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