You can do porting  from any non-official server to the WOTLK realm, transfering your characters to Prometheus provided they respect these requisites:

  • Characters must NOT be in a mute or banned status.
  • Characters must not be created in a server closed, fun or istant 80.
  • It can be ported from servers with superior expansion, providing is not an unexisting class/race of wotlk (no monk or demon hunter, no goblin or worgen).
  • You must create your character BEFORE SENDING THE PORTING REQUEST and insert the EXACT SAME NAME on the field “Character on Prometheus”.

Nothing will be delated from original server, porting gives you the right to have:

  • maxed weapon and riding skill
  • 2 primary professions of your choise and the 3 secondary professions
  • 10000 gold
  • 4 bags 18 slot
  • Swift Spectral Tiger + X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME
  • equip PVE item level 245 (tier 9) + equip PVP 245/251 (relentless)

– For special porting requests of entire guilds, the aforementioned Guild Master must contact the staff by sending an email to
– Mount and pet will be taken on request (by sending an email to after making a donation of € 5

Fill in the following fields with the credentials of the server to port from

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