Prometheus Wow Credits are a currency obtainable in small quantities in game through some dailies which can be accepted in the center of Dalaran.
If you need to earn credits faster you can do it directly by donating.

With the Prometheus Wow donation system you can earn “Prometheus Wow Credits” to spend in the game. As a result you can abtain bonuses, mounts, pets, items that are difficult or impossible to obtain, custom items, transmog and much more!

After verification of the donation, the credits will be sent to the section of your account. You can then send the credits to one of your characters.They are “Binds to Account” therefore you can use them as you like by moving them between the various characters existing in your account.

Once the credits have been transferred to one of your characters, you will find them in game in mail.

Consequently you can spend your credits directly from the various “Donation Vendors“. You will find them in your guild house, in the various capitals or in other main cities.
These vendors are all close by and are divided into categories: Mount, Pet, Weapon, Set, Bonus.

By donating you help the server to grow and improve, do your part too!

If you can’t find something from a vendor, open a ticket and write us which item you would like to be added.

If you have any problems in paying or receiving credits, do not hesitate to open a ticket in game.
Note that credits cannot be sold or exchanged with other players, refounds of any kind are not accepted.

We reserve the right to change the purchase value of credits at any time without notice.


Prometheus Wow Credits