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    Changelog 14/01/2019

    – Created new items, artifacts and new system of “Archeology”
    – Activated npc that exchange emblems with enhanched version
    – Opening of EYE OF ETERNITY and ULDUAR
    – Activated NPC vendor with emblems of valor and conquest
    – New Arena Season 6
    – Activated Open-PVP zone between guilds with mob drop ilvl 213 and boss drop ilvl 219 (Portal at center of Dalaran)
    – There will be no more reboot during weekend to activate double rate, only XP rate will be automatically doubled
    – Minor buf Fix that could cause some crashes
    – Some Secondary quests fixed
    – Activated npc vendor with glyphs and enchants inside guild houses
    – Modified drop of instance “Horror Maze” and modified drop of custom dailies bosses (NPC at center of Dalaran)
    – New Texture HD of Legion now available for download directly at the sidebar of the website
    – A chest has been hidden inside every classic Pre-TBC instance, it will drop an heroism and a craftable item BoE ilvl 200


    Changelog 18/02/2019

    – Increased the Drop Chances of artifact of the “Archeology” system
    – New Layout “Account” page
    – Opened normal version of: Fos, Pos, Hor.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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